Tum Meri Ho By Asia Romantic Urdu Novel | PDF Free Download


Tum Meri Ho by Asia Razzaq is a very social romantic novel. Asia Razzaq needs no introduction, and she is very much famous for her romantic, narrative and social issues based novels. Her fans always expect a great piece of writing from her, and she has never disappointed her fans. The kind of mix and fusion she provides in her novel will leave you in amazement and instantly grab your attention. A very appealing and engaging writer.

The novel is based on a female character isbah, who lives with her aunt and her parents are dead. A novel is a very nice fusion of romance and social issues a girl have to face in the society. Her aunt is very cooperative and nice to her. She is very protective for isbah and keeps her away from all harm and dangers of the society. She faces a financial crisis, so they rented their own house to someone else for some money. Her aunt has a son who lives abroad, but due to some reason, he suddenly returns to the motherland. That boy irritates and disturbs isbah on several occasion and faced the consequences as well from her mother. After some time isbah get married in a very nice and cooperative family. And her romantic life takes flight. This fusion is amazing and crowds appealing.

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Tum Meri Ho by Asia Razaqi



Kaanch Ki Manzil By Urdu Novel Tehseen Akhtar | PDF Free Download


Tehseen Akhtar is a well-known in writing romantic novels. She is popular for her noted style and wrote in different digest like Kiran, Khatwateen, Pakeeza and many more. Kaanch ki Manzil is one of her great publications.

A bahu is an important relation of our lives. Mostly our society ignores her as they don’t consider her as a part of a family. This is a story of a girl named Ujala who got married to Saarim. She just wanted to treat her in-laws as her family and wants the same affection in return. Her sister-in-law was indulged in bad activities. She cares for her so stops her being protective from doing such things not good for her. But her sister-in-law always taunts and disgrace her. She gave her a tough time but the incidents happen proves her innocence. A socially discussed romantic story by Tehseen Akhtar.

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Kanch Ki Manzil by Tehseen Akhtar



Chahaton Ke Gardaab Main Novel By Sadia Ali | PDF Free Download


Sadia Ali is a known writer who wrote many romantic, social and funny novels in a monthly digest. She has a unique writing style that attracts her readers. Chahaton kay gardab main is her one of the romantic novel that was once published in a monthly digest.

This novel is based on character Shaheen Ali khan. A woman is a beautiful creation of God. She is respectable in all her relations whether she is a daughter, a wife, a bahu or a mother. This story basically depicts the character of a stepmother. Shaheen loves his mother so much before he came to know that she is his step mother. He started to dislike her. But his mother took care of him as he was her own son whom she gave birth after carrying him for nine months in her wound. A romantic, social and emotional story that strongly reflects the character of a mother whether she is a step one.

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Chahaton Ke Gardaab Main by Sadia Ali



Rida-E-Wafa Urdu Novel By Farheen Azfar | PDF Free Download


Farheen Azfar is one of those brilliant writers who keep their readers bound with them. She has wrote in many monthly digests. Rida-e-Wafa is one of her romantic novels that was published in monthly Kiran Digest.

A story that depicts different aspects of our society. It is a lengthy novel based on various characters. They have gone through many phases of life. Life is an unpredictable thing, so no one knows what is going to happen next. A mixture of fun, love and hatred in relations. A romance based novel that bounds a reader with the lovely moments in the story.

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Rida e Wafa by Farheen Azfar Complete



Manzil Nahi Mili Urdu Novel By Nighat Abdullah | PDF Free Download


Nighat Abdullah is one of the famous writers who is well-known for her noted publications in many monthly digests like Shuaa, Kiran, Khawateen, Pakeeza, Rida, Dosheeza and Hina. She has a huge fan-following and readers anxiously waits for her novels. Manzil nahi mili is one of her beautifully written novels.

It is a story of social life issues. A girl is living alone with her mother. She went outside to earn for their survival in this society. Her mother died and her uncle took her with him. The social problems and issues are shown in this story. What she has to face in this world. What she has to do for her survival alone. A social, romantic journey of her life with different turn arounds very brilliantly discussed by Nighat Abdullah.

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Manzil Nahi Mili by Nighat Abdullah