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Lucky Starr is the hero series of science fiction book written by Isaac Asimo. He used his pen name Paul French. On 23rd March, 1951 Asimov met his agent Frenderik Pohl, and Walter I. Bradbury, then the science fiction editor by Doubleday and Co. who had a proposal for him. The working on novel was completed on 29th July and it was published by Doubleday in January 1952. Although plans for the television series fell through, Asimov continued to write novels in the series, eventually producing six. Lucky Starr and the Snows of Pluto was planned, but abandoned when Asimov elected to devote himself to writing non-fiction almost executively. The hero give name was David. Asimov felt this lacked vigor and the later books used his nickname “Lucky”. These novels have a long and varied publishing history. They came out in hardcover with Doubleday in its first edition. Bantman was the latest, in 1933 to bring out the series in 3 volumes, publishing pairs of titles together. In 2001 the science fiction book club came out with all six novels at the same time in one volume under the title The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr. He carefully introduced astronomical and physical concepts which the scientific knowledge of the time supported. In later editions, he added a preface pointing out that new scientific discoveries have rendered some locations and concepts obsolete.

About Isaac Asimov:

Isaac Asimov is born on January 2, 1920 and died on April 6, 1992. He was a Russian American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. He was known for his works of science fiction and popular science. Asimov was a prolific writer and wrote and edited more than 500 books and as estimated 90,000 letters and postcards. He was considered as one of the big three science fiction writers during his lifetime. Asimov also wrote mysteries and fantasy as well as much non-fiction. Most of his popular science books explain scientific concepts in a historical way, going as far as possible to a time when the science in question was at its simplest stage.


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