Scandal Full Urdu Novel By Nadia Ahmad | PDF Free Download

Scandal Complete Urdu Novel

Nadia Ahmad is a brilliant writer who is very famous among females for her attractive writing style. She mostly wrote on the social issues of our society. Scandal is one of her novel that was published in Hijab Digest in March 2016.

When a girl came out from her home to earn for her family, she has to face so many obstacles in male dominant society. Even a small issue scandalize her without any mistake. This is a story of a girl named Hooria who faces many twists and turns in her life while being out for work in this society where a male always dominated a female. She was the only hope for her family when her father got paralyzed in an accident. She completed her studies and wanted to become a son to support her family. But she has gone through so many ups and downs and faces so many scandals. A social romantic story that depicts the male dominant face of our society.

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Scandle by Nadia Ahmed


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