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Vampire academy is an American best selling series of six young adult paranormal romance novels by author Richelle Mead. The novel covers the story of Rosemarie “Rose” who is a seventeen and eighteen year Dhampir girl, who is training to be a guardian of her Moroi best friend Lissa Dragomir. The first book in the series is Vampire Academy that was published in 2007, it was also followed by frostbite in 2008. The third book in the series was Shadow kiss that was published in 2008. The first novel in the series also adapted into film that was followed by Mark waters. There are six books in the original series which is followed by a spin-off series consisting of six planned books. This series has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Six novels of the series are: Vampire Academy (August 16, 2007), Frostbite (10 April, 2008), Shadow kiss (November 13, 2008), Blood Promise (August 25, 2009), Spirit Bound (May 18, 2010), Last Sacrifice (December 7, 2010). The series made its first appearance on the New York Times best seller list no 4 with the release of Shadow Kiss. In Vampire Academy, guardian in training Rosemarie “Rose” and Lissa are brought back to their school. The story of this novel continues in Frostbite with Rose and Dimitri traveling to meet Arthur Schoenberg for Rose’s qualifier exam.

About Richelle Mead:

Richelle Mead was born on November 12, 1976. She is a bestselling American fantasy author. She is also known for the Georgina Kincaid series, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines and the Dark Swan series. Richelle Mead was born in Michigan and she is currently lives in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington, United States. She has three degrees: a bachelor of General Studies from the University of Michigan, a master of comparative religion from western Michigan University, and a master of teaching from the University of Washington. She received honorable mention on 2009 P.E.A.R.L Awards best romantic fantasy thorn queen. She also received award on 2010 for Vampire Academy series.



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