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About The Orphans Tale:

The Orphans tale novel was written by Pam Jenoff. The story of this novel is about Ingrid grown up in a Jewish circus family in Darmstadt, Germany. In 1934, she marries Erich, a German officer, and settles in Berlin. In 1942, as the war and Holocaust escalate, Erich is forced to divorce Ingrid. She returns to Dramstadt to find that her family has disappeared. A rival German circus clan, led by its patriarch, Herr Neuhoff, takes her in, giving her a stage name, Astrid, and forged Aryan papers. As she rehearses for the circus coming French tour, she once again experiences the freedom of an accomplished aerialist, even as her age, late 20s, catches up with her. The point of view shifts to Noa, a Dutch teenager thrown out by her formerly loving father when gets pregnant by a German soldier. After leaving the German unwed mothers home where her infant has been taken away, either for the Reich’s Lebensborn adoption program or a worse fate, Noa finds work sweeping a train station. When she comes upon a boxcar full of dead or dying infants, she impulsively grabs one who resembles her own child, later naming him Theo. The tour begins with a stop in Theirs, France. Noa falls in love with the mayor’s son, Luc, who Astrid suspects are a collaborator. The diction seems too contemporary for the period, and the degree of danger the characters are in is more often summarized than demonstrated.

About Pam Jenoff:

Pam Jenoff is an American author. She is best known for the international bestseller. The Kommandant’s Girl (2007) book was nominated for a Quill Award. Her novel The Things we Cherished (2012) has been described by publishers weekly. A resident of Haddonfield, New Jersey, Jenoff grew up in Evesham Township, where she attended Cherokee High School. Jenoff attended George Washington University and Cambridge University in the U.K, where she received a master’s degree in history. Jenoff then received a Juris Doctorate from the University Of Pennsylvania Law School. A former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army and state department officer, she lives in Philadelphia and currently teaches evidence, employment law, and legal writing at Rutgers School of law-Camden.


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