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About The DemonWars Saga:

The DemonWars Saga is a series of seven High Fantasy novels by American writer R.A. Salvatore. The series is set in the world of Corona, principally in the kingdoms of Honce the bear and Behren and amongst the nomadic To-gai-ru. The Saga is separated into two trilogies bridged by a single book, Mortalis. The first book in the trilogy introduces the reader to Elbryan Wyndon and Jilseponie Ault, both are two young friends whose lives are irrevocably changed by the destruction of their village of Dundalis and Avelyn Desbris. The final novel in the first trilogy begins with the mopping up of Bestesbulzibar’s army and the battle against the demon’s spirit which has possessed the highest levels of power within the Abellican Church. The second trilogy in the novel includes Ascendance, Transcendence, and Immortalis. There are seven books in the series and all seven books had produced as GraphicAudio with a full cast of voice actors, narrator, sound effects and original music.

About R.A. Salvatore:

Robert Anthony Salvatore was born in January 20, 1959 who writes under the name of R.A. Salvatore. He is an American author and best known for The DemonWars Saga series. He has sold more than 15 million copies of his books in the United States alone and twenty two of his titles have been New York Times Best sellers. In 1982, he start writing seriously, In 1999 Salvatore was tasked with writing Vector Prime, the first novel in the Star Wars. In addition to his novels he also write the stories for PS2, Xbox, and PC video game Fogotten Realms: Demon Stone working with the design team at Stormfront Studios. He was also hired as creative director for upstart game developer 38 studios, which was owned by former baseball player curt Schilling.



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