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About The Teacher Wars:

The teacher wars are written by Dana Goldstein. In this book, she describes America loves to dream an impossible dream when it comes to education. We see our public schools as the bedrock of the equal opportunity society. But throughout the history of American public education, this dream has bumped up against some harsh realities. Teachers are, by and large, poorly trained and ill equipped to flatten social, racial and economic barriers. Their pay is pathetic (a medium of $54,000 in 2012, versus $70,000 for a dental hygienist). In “The Teacher Wars,’’ her lively account of the history of teaching, Dana Goldstein traces the numerous trends that have shaped “the most controversial profession in America.” Along the way, she demonstrates that almost every idea for reforming education over the past 25 years has been tried before and failed to make a meaningful difference. In this book, it was also described that the mediocrity of teacher prep was bakes in almost from the start. Most normal schools were undistinguished. Many eventually transitioned into state teachers colleges, requiring a high school diploma but retaining a legacy of low standards. In many ways, Goldstein Writes, We are still living with the teacher training system the common schools movement created. The low-level training reflected ambivalence about the purpose of the job and it reflected ambivalence about whether ordinary people actually needed a liberal academic education, as opposed to acquiring rudimentary literacy and a healthy respect for authority.

About Dana Goldstein:

Dana Goldstein is a reporter of the New York Times and the author of the bestseller The Teacher Wars. She also contributed to Slate, The Marshall Project, The New Republic, The Atlantic and many other publications. She writes about gender, education, social science, inequality, criminal justice, health, and cities. She has received a Schwartz fellowship from the New America Foundation, a Spencer Foundation fellowship from Columbia University, and a Puffin fellowship from the Nation Institute.


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