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About Dragon Keeper:

Dragon Keeper is a novel written by Robin Hobb. It is the first novel in The Rain Wild Chronicles series. It is written in third person narrative from the viewpoint of several of the key characters. At the beginning of each chapter in this novel, there are letters between pigeon keepers in different cities, including Trehaug, Cassarick and Bingtown. They may involve some information about what is currently happening in the storyline without any important information added. The book opens as a group of sea serpents are nearly finished their long journey upriver to encase themselves so that they might hatch into dragons. The last known dragon is overseeing this journey in the hopes that dragons will be reintroduced to the world the rain wilds council has agreed to help in exchange for her helping the rain wilds people in their war against Chalced.

About Robin Hobb:

Robin Hobb is the pen name of Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden and she was born on March 5, 1952. She is an American writer. She is best known for the books set in the Realm of the Elderlings, which started in 1995 with the publication of Assassin’s Apprentice that was the first book in the Farseer trilogy. She sold her first short story to a children magazine, leading to an early career writing for children. Her short fiction for children appeared in magazines such as Humpty Dumpty, Jack and jill and Highlights for children. In 1970 she also began to write short fantasy. Until 1995, she continued to publish exclusively under the name Megan Lindholm. Her first novel was Harpy’s Fligh, was published by Ace in 1983. She was awarded an Alaska State Council of the Arts prize of her short story. Her books have been praised by Orson Scott Card, who has stated that she arguably set the standard for the modern serious fantasy novel. In 2014, she was a guest of honor at the 72nd world science fiction convention in London.



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