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Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author who wrote The Alchemist that was first published in 1988. The story revolves around a young shepherd’s trip to Egypt after having a dream of finding the treasure there. This is the best novel ever written by Paulo and is published in different languages more than 50, whereas won many international awards as well. One of the best-selling book in history which has set the Guinness Record for most translated book ever in so many languages by a living author.

The Alchemist is based on the shepherd boy named Santiago, who had to believe that his dreams are always true. Based on his dream, he decides to travel to the Egypt as he saw the treasure there in the pyramids of Egypt. The main theme of the book was “When you want something and tries to get that with your full hard work, devotion, and trueness; the whole world started helping you to achieve your goal”. In his journey to Egypt, he came along with many characters and people. He experienced different situations and see different aspects of life in his journey. He meets an old king who asks the boy to sell his sheep to travel to Egypt and introduces him the idea of personal legend by his help.

Along the way to Egypt, he meets another man who came to search for the Alchemist. He continues to travel with him. They travel through the desert and during their journey, Santiago falls in love with a girl, a beautiful Arabian woman named Fatima. He proposes her, but she says if he comes back successfully after achieving his goal, she will marry him. A story about finding your personal legends, following your dreams regardless of any hurdles and about being spiritually connected to the world. The experiences you get while following your dreams will make it all worthwhile. It is very much easy to get buried under the unknown details of your dreams. Actions will flow out with having confidence in yourself and your decision; just sitting on the fence will get you nowhere. The secret of life is fallen eight times to get up nine times to achieve what you want; not to give up for your dreams and just sit back. Your actions are the best way to give you experiences and let you learn.

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho English Version

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