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Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in the series of Outlander and it was written by Dianna Gabaldon. The story in this novel was centered on time-traveling 20th-century nurse Claire Randall and her 18th century Scottish Highlander warrior husband Jamie Fraser. The books contain elements of historical fiction, romance, adventure and science fiction and fantasy. Claire Randall has returned to her own time, where she has been living for 20 years with her husband Frank. Following his death, she brings her daughter, Brianna to the home of the Randalls old friend. At the end of Outlander, Claire has convinced Jamie to stop the Jacobite rising and the consequent slaughter. After learning that Charles Stuart is trying to get money from the French king Louis XV to found the Jacobite cause, they travel to Paris, where Jamie uses his cousin Jared’s wine business to gain the aristocratic connections necessary to plot against Stuart. Claire relates that she had returned to Frank, who disbelieved her story but insisted on helping her raise Brianna, and asked that she would only tell Brianna the truth after his death. Upon hearing this, Brianna refuses to believe Claire’s story. Publishers weekly called Dragonfly in Amber an immensely long, compulsively readable sequel to Outlander and noted that by portraying life in court and hut and on the battlefield through the eyes of a strong-minded, modern participant, Gabaldon offers a fresh and offbeat historical view, framed by an intriguing contemporary issue of Claire’s daughter’s paternity.

About Dianna Gabaldon:

Diana J. Gabaldon was born on January 11, 1952. She is an American author known for the Outlander series of novels. Her books merge multiple genres, featuring elements of historical fiction, mystery, romance, adventure and science fiction, and fantasy. A television adaptation of the novels called Outlander premiered on Starz in 2014. She was the founder editor of Science software quarterly in 1984 while employed at the center for environmental studies at Arizona State University.



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