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About I’ll give you The Sun:

I’ll give you the sun is a young adult novel that was written by Jandy Nelson. It was published in September, 2014. It is Nelson’s second novel. The novel is about twins, Jude and her brother Noah. Although the twins were incredibly close at thirteen, three years later they are hardly speaking to each other. The early years are narrated by Noah as he struggles with an enormous secret that affects his past, present and future. The later years are narrated by Jude and everything changes when she meets an arrogant and broken, yet beautiful boy. Jude also encounters a tormented, mysterious artist, an even more predictable force that changes her life and Noah’s forever. Some of the major themes of this novel are Sexuality, identity, family, change and art. Noah struggles with his sexuality throughout the novel. He battles with the instinct that tells him to keep his sexuality secret. Although Noah identifies himself as gay he struggles to fit into a world that does not seem to welcome him. Identity also plays a large role in the book as the twins try to authentically express themselves, as separate individuals, to the world. Family values are also questioned in the novel that causes the twins to doubt each other. Many changes affect the twin’s lives and it takes them a long time to accept and process these changes. Art is a large theme of the novel because the characters often find themselves processing and expressing their feelings through the medium of art. The style of I’ll give you the sun is complex. Jude and Noah narrate the same story, just from their own different perspectives. This book will make you realize how beautiful words can be.

About Jandy Nelson:

Jandy Nelson was born on 1965. She is an American author of young adult fiction. She also worked for 13 years as a literary agent. She holds a BA from Cornell University as well as MFAs in poetry and Children’s writing from Brown University and Vermont College of Fine Arts. Nelson lives in San Francisco, California. I’ll give you the sun gets 2014 California book Awards. Her notable works include The Sky is Everywhere and I’ll Give you the sun.


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