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About Clarissa:

Clarissa is the history of a young lady. This novel is written by Samuel Richardson that was published in 1748. It tells the tragic story of a heroine whose quest for virtue is continually thwarted by her family and is regarded as one of the longest novels in the English language. It is generally regarded as Richardson’s masterpiece. Clarissa Harlowe, the tragic heroine of Clarissa novel. It is a beautiful and virtuous young lady whose family has become wealthy only recently and now desires to become part of the aristocracy. The trouble of her life starts when Richard lovelace, a dashing libertine, comes to pay court to Clarissa’s sister, Arabella, but is attracted by Clarissa instead. Arabella’s jealousy combines with the resentment of their brother, James, who holds a grudge against Lovelace from college days, and sets the family against him. Once Clarissa has been raped, she stops eating and no longer worries about world problems like reputation. She continues to seek reconciliation with her family, but they remain adamant. Lovelace becomes Clarissa’s protector, keeping lovelace away but mediating between him and Clarissa. Lovelace than truly determined to marry Clarissa, but she prefers the idea of death to that of marrying such a criminal. Her health steadily worsens and she begins to prepare for death. In the last of the novel Clarissa makes her will, appoints Belford her executor, puts her affairs in order, and even orders a coffin. She finally dies and expressed forgiveness for everyone her life and joyful anticipation of heaven. This novel is best for other women who are facing similar fates.

About Samuel Richardson:

Samuel Richardson was born on 19th August, 1689 and died on 4th July, 1761. He was an 18th Century English writer and printer. He is best known for his three epistolary novels. Richardson was an established printer and publisher for most of his life and printed almost 500 different works, including journals and magazines. His name was on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a list established by the Pope containing the names of books that Catholics were not allowed to read.


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