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Sadia Ali is a known writer who wrote many romantic, social and funny novels in a monthly digest. She has a unique writing style that attracts her readers. Chahaton kay gardab main is her one of the romantic novel that was once published in a monthly digest.

This novel is based on character Shaheen Ali khan. A woman is a beautiful creation of God. She is respectable in all her relations whether she is a daughter, a wife, a bahu or a mother. This story basically depicts the character of a stepmother. Shaheen loves his mother so much before he came to know that she is his step mother. He started to dislike her. But his mother took care of him as he was her own son whom she gave birth after carrying him for nine months in her wound. A romantic, social and emotional story that strongly reflects the character of a mother whether she is a step one.

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Chahaton Ke Gardaab Main by Sadia Ali



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