About Naseem Hijazi And His Complete Novels List

About Naseem Hijazi

About the Writer:

Naseem Hijazi is an Urdu writer, who was born in an Arain family in the Sajanpur village located in district Gurdaspur, before the Independence of Pakistan in 1947. His family migrated to the Pakistan (West Punjab) when the massive ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population in the East Punjab occurred, and they were then settled in Lahore. He has lived most of his life span in Pakistan and died in March 1996. Most of his work is based on Islamic history.

Promote Islam through Novels:

Naseem Hijazi is greatly respected for his work which is based on history fiction stories. He was the true follower of Islam and always tried to promote Islam as much as he can through his books. He has the deep knowledge and awareness of history. He has shown both the rise and fall of Muslims and their circumstances in his novels when dealing with the Islamic history. He was a Patriotic Pakistani as well; as he has seen the partition of India with his eyes and knew the pain of refugees and the cruelty and brutality of Hindus.

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Basis of his Books:

Naseem Hijazi has written many classical history novels. Some of his novels like ‘Qaisar-o-Qasra’, ‘Muhammad bin Qasim’, ‘Akhri Marka’, and ‘Qafla-e-Hijaz’ deals with the time of Islamic rise to the educational, political, and economic power; whereas some of the novels like ‘Shaheen’, ‘Kaleesa aur Aag’, ‘Yousuf bin Tashfin’, and ‘Andheri Raat Kay Musafir’ describes the era of Spanish Reconquista. He has written novels on Independence of Pakistan as well which includes Khaak aur Khoon. He wrote two sequential novels that are based on the British conquest of India after the collapse of Mughal Empire that includes ‘Moazzam Ali’ and ‘Aur Talwar Toot Gai’. He had described the splendid history through his novels when Muslim commanders extended the territory of Muslim state speedily.

New life to Islamic history by Urdu Novels:

The impressive style of Naseem Hijazi gives a new life to Urdu historical novels. He has promoted the ideology of Pakistan through his writing skills. He has tried to influence the mind of youth through the glorious past of ancestors and struggle in promoting the Islam. It is the duty of every individual to force the leaders for implementing the Islamic laws in the country.

List of Novels by Naseem Hijazi:

  1. Gumshuda Qafilay
  2. Muhammad bin Qasim
  3. Akhri Chattan
  4. Aur Talwar Toot Gai
  5. Safaid Jazeera
  6. Yousaf bin Tashfeen
  7. Qaisar-o-Kisra
  8. Khaak aur Khoon
  9. Insan aur Devta
  10. Moazzam Ali
  11. Akhri Marka
  12. Pakistan se Diyare Haram Tak
  13. Kaleesa aur Aag
  14. Andheri Raat kay Musafir
  15. Pardesi Darakht
  16. Poras kay Hathi
  17. Shaheen
  18. Dastan-e-Mujahid
  19. Qafla-e-Hijaz
  20. Saqafat ki Talash
  21. So Saal Baad

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